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Business Account Application
  • Company Details
  • Registered Address
  • Services Required
  • Directors and Owners Details
  • Declaration

Authorised Person Contact Details

Please use the below to provide authorised person’s details who will be the primary contact for the application process.

Application for a Business Account

Documents provided to support your application must be current and in the case of utility bills no more than 3 months old. You will need to provide a valid ID for each Director & Shareholder with more than 10% ownership or shareholdings. In addition, we will require an ID and verification of the Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO).

  • Valid proof of ID (e.g. Passport or National Identification Card)
  • Proof of Address: the document from the list below displaying the person’s name and primary address. The document must also be dated within the last 3 months
  • Personal Utility Bill
  • Personal Bank Statement
  • Equivalent Document Issued by Central or Local Government Authority, Department or Agency

For more information about KYC click here

We will need the following Company documents for opening the account.

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Shareholder Register/Confirmation statement
  • Director Register
  • Company structure chart
  • Proof of company address and trading address if different (Utility bill from address or office rental agreement)
  • Full business overview
  • UK/EU VAT registration certificate (if applicable)
  • Company Unique Tax Reference (UTR) UK/EU or similar authority tax registration
  • Regulatory Licence confirmation (if applicable)
  • AML policy and the KYC policy (if applicable)

Company Information

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Valid Company KYC Documentation

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